Just like all others, when I got married, I had a perfect perfect love story to start off with. The first part of my story ended on a happy note with a grand marriage and even a grander honeymoon!! I had never expected in my wildest dreams that 20 years down the line, my happy life would be threatened by one enemy that would attack my marriage…

As time went on, circumstances also started changing. With additional responsibilities of the kids, the initial spark in the relationship started fading out, as it does for most of the couples once they get into the daily grinds of life. My husband and I were slowly drifting apart. I never paid attention to it and never realised that my happy married life was under attack from one enemy…

It was around 3 am in the morning. Finding my husband missing from his bed, I came out of the bed and found him sitting on the sofa in the living room, working out on his laptop. What could he be doing at this unearthly hour? Not wanting to disturb him, I slowly crept up to him, out only to…


the one enemy

It only took a moment for me to realize that this was the reason that he was staying away from me!! Nobody wants to share his bed with a fat elephant!!

On confronting him, he defended himself by saying that he had clicked a wrong link by mistake ended the conversation then and there and went back to bed.

However, for me it was hard to believe though he tried to convince me that he still loved me!! Even though he had been faithful to me for the past 20 years, I found it hard to believe.

In order to save my marriage for the sake of the kids, I had to fight the one enemy, the scale!!

And in order to get my husband attracted back to me, I would have to model my looks like the ones in the profiles that my husband was commenting on!!challenge lay ahead…

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE WAS To Find An Unconventional Sustainable Fat Loss Method That Would Work For The Long Term…


The average life of a diet plan is 4-6 weeks where almost 90% of the people quit due to the restrictions in the diet plan and therefore get back to their original weight or even more on the scale!!

I came across an online research paper on the cells inside the human body which mentioned that no matter how healthy we ate, or followed a healthy lifestyle, it would be difficult to lose weight since the cells are sick from inside!

The research paper was backed by scientific proof that the bacteria present within our body’s system affect the functioning of our hormones which make it difficult for us to lose weight through conventional methods, no matter how hard we try.

Almost all conventional weight loss methods focus on restrictive diet plans which fail to address the root cause of the problem of weight loss, which lies inside the body.

The methods generally recommend on cutting down on the calories as weight loss is directly related to calories. The calories are derived from the food that we eat. Stop eating the foods that we have been eating till now and eat those bland, boring foods!!

When the body’s energy requirements are cut off or reduced, even though the body adjusts to the new requirements in the short term, once we get back to our regular diets, the body suffers from withdrawal symptoms which leads to an adverse relationship with food where the scale keeps going up once we drop out of the diet plan.

Statistics from the research showed that women are more prone to gain weight after they drop out of boot camps for weight loss or fad diets as their bodies are differently structured for energy requirements from those of their men counterparts.

That is the reason that they are more prone to binge eating and snacking, therefore putting on more weight.  I still had my share of scepticism that if this too failed, my husband was sure to head for one of those slim bikini profiles!!

The new diet plan required a few modifications in my eating pattern, where I could eat all that I wanted, yet would be able to drop the reading on the scale effectively. The only difference is that I would have to bear the pain for a minimum of 28 days to see the results.


The first few days were really tough as I had to adjust myself to the new eating routine and the new foods that were provided in the diet plan. Though I loved bread and pasta, which I had to replace with more of green veggies and meats, I did not mind, as the foods were quite tasty and nutritious at the same time. For the first 4-5 days, this sudden modification made my stomach feel more empty and left me feeling hungrier.

The alternative solution that was mentioned as a part of the diet  plan was that in order to curb the hunger, one needs to consume a higher amount of fibre, which included drinking lots of water and consuming water based fruits whenever there was a flash of hunger.

It was not that the diet restricted my consumption of my favourite foods. It is just that I had to slightly tweak the time during which I could have them.


My body was slowly adjusting to the new lifestyle and the change in the metabolism reflected that. I started feeling more energetic throughout the day, and the pain in my knees started going down.

At one point in time, climbing a flight of stairs without panting and feeling breathless was something that was out of the question. Now, in my late 40’s I could challenge an 15 year old to a race as to who could go faster on the stairs!!

This motivated me to move on… 

By the end of the month, I had run down almost 28 lbs on the scale and yet nervous as to whether I could get down naked in front of my husband on our 20th Anniversary with the same figure that he drooled over at the time of our marriage.

I had already dropped around 4 inches on my waist and two dress sizes and I was confident that I could beat any of those slimy bikini figures that nearly killed my marriage by the time my anniversary approached.

It was my anniversary and I blindfolded my husband, led him in front of the mirror, and dropped the clothes that I was wearing on the floor!!

For a moment he was too shocked and could not but ogle at my figure. When he came back to his senses, he suggested that we head for our second honeymoon to the Bahamas where he could see me in a bikini lying on the beach!

One lesson that I learned was that managing a lifestyle is more about the right habits and the right education about the body’s requirements rather than anything else. The human body has been structured by nature in such a manner that it’s energy requirements are different for different people. One just needs to understand one’s body’s requirements and then take the necessary steps. That is dieting in its simplest form.

Weight Loss is not about restricting the choice of foods, as we have been taught, but about eating the right foods at the right time and in the right quantity. Eating too much or too little either distorts the body’s energy requirements and the results reflect on the scale in the long run.