Discover How This Simple Meal Plan Changed My Life (and my marriage).

As a woman, when I got married, I had never imagined that my life would change so drastically in my early 40’s after being married for nearly 15 years and having children.

In my younger days I had somehow managed to stay fit and healthy. In college, I loved nothing more than wearing a bikini and going to the beach with my friends. I still remember all the guys “looking” my way, including my husband-to-be.

Even though I acted like it bothered me, I can admit now getting all that extra attention really made me feel proud about my natural assets. I had never imagined that as I got older, I would miss the “good old days” of guys ogling at my figure whenever I dressed my best in my snug fitting jeans and sexy tops. But, here I am right now.

My marriage lacks the “fire” it once had at the beginning of my relationship. Suddenly, I stopped being “intimate” with my husband.

In reality, at 220 lbs on the scale – I felt so fat and ugly that the mere thought of him seeing me naked made me sick.

Nothing seemed to work. The scale just would not budge. Even if it did move over a few pounds here and there, it would creep up faster than it went down. All my efforts were coming to naught.

As the reading on the scale crept up over over the years, with my age, it was one thing to be upset about the rolls hanging off my belly or the love handles that made every top look terrible or the way my thighs made my jeans appear to be holding back Hoover’s Dam!

My blood pressure and cholesterol levels had started hitting the roof. Regular visits to the doctor were draining on the bank balance and were limited to nothing more than blaming the scale as the cause of everything that was going wrong with my health! 

And I had never expected that I would be going through menopause with severe obesity was definitely NOT something I had in mind in my younger days.

I Was So Tired Of The Roller Coaster I Truly Felt Like I Was…
Doomed To A Life Of Being An Overweight Elephant!

And That’s When I Got Serious & Started Looking for Answers to my problems.

As a last resort, I suddenly remembered my next door neighbour who had recommended a simple meal plan that had given excellent results for her in a short period of time without having to give up on her favourite foods.

My neighbour swore by this simple eating plan and was absolutely sure that since it had worked for her, it would work for me too. The program was designed in such a manner that I would be able to customize the meal plan according to my body’s requirements and I would not have to give up my favourite foods.

This was exactly what I wanted. The other diet plans often restricted my favourite foods and the moment that I got back to them, the reading on the scale went up. I just hated the food restrictions!

If this so claimed simple meal plan could work for me without me having to give up on my favourite foods..

The meal plan was based on the idea of of our body’s energy systems burning “sugar” or “glucose” for their energy requirements all day long. This was the main reason that fad diets did not work for me. Particularly for females like me with a lot of fat, whenever we feel hungry we crave chocolate and sugary drinks all the time. And the more of it we eat the more we crave it!

The trick about faster weight loss and maintaining the same works best when you’re able to switch the fuel system in the body from burning Sugar or Glucose to burning “Fat” for the body’s energy requirements effortlessly. In fact, once you are able to control this fat burning switch – you don’t even have to do heavy exercise!

Though each body is structured differently and has different energy energy requirements, the basic system remains the same. How the body is efficiently able to manage it’s requirements through the process of metabolism.

An efficient metabolism system in the body ensures better weight management in the long term. That is the precise reason why some people never put on weight even though they eat all that they want and never restrict their diets!

The “Easy” way to get into fat burning mode, was to eat more of certain foods while staying away from a few foods that are bad for the body anyways. This meant that I had to balance my diet in such a way that I could eat all that I wanted. There was no restrictions on the type of foods that I could not eat.

The best part about this simple meal plan was that all my favourite foods were present in it and it told me EXACTLY what to eat and how much to eat for each meal without starving.This is exactly what I had been searching for all this time!! All the recipes were really easy and scrumptious to enjoy! And it couldn’t have been more convenient.

Well, actually it could. Because the program also gave me options for eating out too! I could replace any meal I wanted with restaurant or fast food options too, with a little modification which I had to share with the chef preparing the dish!

The ultimate objective of the diet plan was to match my body’s energy requirements with the different types of food choices rather than restricting the choice of foods to eat as part of a healthy lifestyle.

I Was at the top of the world As The Fat started melting away like ice in summer! I Was Back To My College day dress sizes In Under 45 Days! 

On our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband’s jaw nearly dropped when he saw me fit perfectly into the dress that he had presented for our 1st Anniversary!! and he jokingly suggested we head for our second honeymoon where he can “Keep Looking At Me” the way he used to during our college days!!

😄 NEXT 😄