Having been married for 15 years and with a mother to two teens, at age 50, which husband in the world would love and oversized dinosaur on his bed at night? The story begins here…
In my married life, I was really happy, and there was nothing more in life that I could ask for, a loving and committed husband, two lovely kids, financial security. Life was going on at a fast pace, except for one small thing…


Being fed up, I had tried every other method under the sun to drop the scale. Nothing seemed to work so far…
  • I Ate healthy.
  • I starved myself with every other fad diet that I could lay my hands on.
  • I spent thousands on gym plans & supplements.
  • I tried Intermittent Fasting.
  • I attended expensive weight loss boot camps.
Nothing Seemed To Work!!

Even if the reading on the scale did manage to come down, once I dropped out of the plan, it went back to where it was, even so more sometimes.

Being very well aware that my family had a medical history of obesity and related disorders, I continued to treat my health as an alternative option as I was really frustrated.

Till the time…

I received A phone call turned my life upside down!

It was my sister’s husband calling from the hospital. My sister had been admitted to the hospital for an acute attack of “Sleep Apnea”.

This was the last piece of bad news that I needed. What would have happened if instead of my sister I was the one who was lying in bed in the hospital?

I had been taking my health for granted all this time and this was a wake up call for me that jolted me out of my deep slumber. I decided that I have had enough and that I need to take up my health as a priority rather than an option and therefore…

I Had to find a long term sustainable method to manage the scale

The conventional methods that I had been following for all this time, had failed to give the results that I wanted even though I put in all the work. With every attempt things were moving from bad to worse.
Can water help to drop the extra calories in the body?

I certainly didn’t seem to think so. Research shows that managing adequate levels of hdration is a key factor that plays an important role in managing body weight. Water as an important component of managing a healthy lifestyle is often overlooked by most thinking it is too stupid.

It reminds us of the school days where we used to carry those water bottles and got a earful from our mothers if we forgot it in school or lost it!! Having heard about an unconventional method practised by the ancient system of Ayurveda thousands of years back in India, I decided to give it a try.

The first thing in the morning I had to drink at least 2 glasses of lukewarm water on an empty stomach!! On the first couple of days, it nearly made me throw up in the bathroom!! Then I got used to it and started making my own detox solution with a spoonful of honey and a dash of freshly squeezed lemon.

Noting the measurements in the weight loss journal, the scale had dropped by 2 lbs at the end of the week!!

The results from this unconventional method were starting to show from the first week itself. I started feeling more energetic and had started getting rid of my heart burn. Besides this, my digestive systems also started showing results as I managed to clear my bowels of all the accumulated toxins due to the unhealthy lifestyle that I had been leading till now…

Step up your health game, no more excuses to blame, for a body with no shame.

going down memory lane as kids skipping rope on the playground.

Due to the lockdown, most of the gyms were closed and therefore exercise was out of the question. Watching the kids skipping rope in the backyard as the parks were closed… took me back to my childhood days.

As kids, most of us have grown up with other children in the neighbourhood skipping ropes in the park or the playground as a part of daily fun and games.

Growing us as adults, we forgot the basic lesson that a moderate level of aerobic activity is necessary for the body’s metabolism.

Skipping rope is one of the super-convenient, easy and effective home exercises, with almost zero investment, yet the returns on long overall term health are immense.

Skipping is a great cardio, aerobic exercise. It not only helps to tone your calves, build core muscles, but also build stamina and improve the capacity of the lungs to take in more oxygen.

Research shows that a daily investment of 10 minutes in skipping ropes can burn up to 10 calories in a minute, besides strengthening the legs, butt, shoulders, belly, and arms.

On an average, a 10 minute activity of skipping can burn 200 calories in 10 minutes each day, which is more effective than brisk walking.

Borrowing my children’s skipping ropes and starting out with 15 minutes and then slowly increasing the reps to 30 minutes, following this unconventional method, the record in my weight loss journal showed that the scale had crashed by…

Other Benefits Of Skipping Rope

the results were really astonishing! 4 lbs down on the scale at the end of the month! 

cycling for health. an incredibly easy method that rocks the scale.

There isn’t a short cut for weight loss if that’s what you’re looking for. However, if you had the option of losing weight by riding every day rather than driving.

The pounds on the scale will come off at a manageable, steady, and, most importantly, long term sustainable rate.

Cycling causes metabolic and physiological changes that transform the body into a highly effective fat- and carbohydrate-burner all day long, even if done at a leisurely pace.

Additionally, cycling strengthens your body’s metabolism to keep burning fat and calories long after you’ve put your bike away.

For starters, your LPL (lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat) increases while you’re riding and stays raised for a full 30 hours after you stop.

Simply cycling for 30 to 45 minutes most days of the week can increase your BMR and keep it there.

The end consequence is significant fat loss, more so in the belly region, which is the root cause of heart disease.

Even better, it regulates blood pressure and sugar levels, which are subsidiary causes of heart disease.

Cycling also improves your memory, sharpens your focus, increases your ability to reason clearly and fluidly, and improve problem-solving skills.

In a recent study of diabetic men and women, those who took up cycling for 45 minutes daily, three times a week for eight weeks continuously, had an astonishing 48% reduction in visceral fat (belly fat).

the journal entry in my health diary read 8 lbs down in a month!

Step up your health game, no more excuses to blame, for a body with no shame.


The body burns on an average 2 to 5 calories are burned as you climb up a flight of steps. The average number of calories you lose when climbing seven flights of stairs is 83.

Climbing stairs is a terrific exercise to strengthen your thighs and core muscles, at the same time enhancing your cardiovascular fitness.

One advantage of stair climbing is that it strengthens your abdominal muscles. The likelihood of having an injury decreases significantly when your core muscles are stronger. It also lowers the risk of developing lower back pain by enhancing your posture.

Regular stair climbing as a part of lifestyle management leads to stronger glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. These benefits & more without investing in expensive gym plans!!

Ascending stairs regularly is a great exercise for your heart and lungs. The rationale is that this exercise fits into the area of aerobic fitness. You can breathe in more oxygen since it strengthens your lungs.

At the same time, it improves heart health and aids in blood pumping in higher volumes of blood. Your organs and muscles work well because of the increased oxygen flow through your lungs.

Depending Upon Your Body’s Structure About 235 calories should be burned if you climb a flight of stairs for 30 minutes daily.

vajrasana the key to guaranteed weight loss

One of the pillars of holistic health is yoga, and with good reason. Simple body postures can help with a variety of internal benefits both to the body and the mind.

The Vajrasana, commonly referred to as the thunderbolt position, is one of the simplest to perform in in order to experience the benefits of excellent health. 

The ideal time to practice yoga is either early in the morning or at least 4-5 hours after a meal. This is because the body poses affect the various organs of the body.

The only exception to the rule is Vajrasana, which is recommended to be practised specifically after eating meals.

The regular practice of Vajrasana is very beneficial for digestion and maintaining good stomach health.

This is the best position for allowing blood to circulate to the digestive organs while you are sitting which gets them working efficiently.

Additionally, this posture promotes better vitamin and food absorption, ensuring that the body gets the best nutrition out of every meal. It also Prevents constipation which is caused by lack of water in the body, which takes the form of gas and acidity in the bowels.

Depending Upon Your Body’s Structure About 235 calories should be burned if you climb a flight of stairs for 30 minutes daily.

In conclusion.


Managing a healthy lifestyle is more of a choice for life and therefore involves cultivating habits that are beneficial in the long term. Anything in life requires a level of commitment whether it is personal life or professional life. Therefore maintaining proper habits plays a very important role which involves the mind and the body.

On a personal level, practising these simple, yet inexpensive hacks as a part of regular life, help me drop more than 35 lbs on the scale and that too, in less than 30 days.

Though the structure of the body is same from outside, the internal capacities are different. That is why supplements and other methods give different results to different people. 

Practising healthy habits as a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more beneficial than causing side effects, if practised moderately.

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Step up your health game, no more excuses to blame, for a body with no shame.